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Suppliers of  Mexican Corn & Organic Fertilizers

Mexican Specialities


Distributers of the original mexican corn husks
Mexican suppliers of Chipotle chilli
Mexican suppliers of severals dried chilies
Corn Husks



We provide the finest, high-quality corn husks, ideal for the classic Mexican dish known as “Tamales”. We make our husks enconchada, meaning they are whole and shelled.

Our husks are primarily distributed to resellers; they are not labeled for individual sale.
All our corn husks are hand-made by Mexican natives who are experts in identifying and processing the finest leaves.

Chipotle Chili



100% Mexican dried chipotle chilis, renowned for their quality and incomparable flavor. This product is available for high- and low-volume orders, and can be ground,  milled, or shipped whole according to the client's needs.



Dried Chilies



Ancho, de la Tierra, Mirasol and Pasilla chilis, all dried and shipped in export quality. As with our chipotles, we are happy to supply these in the condition required by our client – milled, crushed, etc. They are available for high- and low-volume orders.



All of our products are shipped as required by the client, and according to the import specifications of the destination country.

If you have any questions about our products or would be interested in obtaining a quote on price, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Grupo Altababicora

Colonia Año de Hidalgo

Madera, Chihuahua


CP: 31950

Tel.  +52 614 478 90 01


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Certified to the USDA National Organic Program

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