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Suppliers of  Mexican Corn & Organic Fertilizers



About Grupo Altababicora

Grupo Altababicora is a Mexican firm dedicated to the production, domestic distribution, and exportation of a wide range of agricultural products. These include:

  • Various types of Food-Grade Corn, both for human consumption and use as animal feed

  • Natural Zeolite, for use as an organic fertilizer

  • Other Mexican crops, including chiles, chile chipotle, and many more

Our primary focus is on the cultivation of Creole organic corn, chiefly of the blue and red variety. However, we also produce and distribute white and Hybrid corn in substantial quantities.
Because of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are committed to growing only the finest quality corn, exceeding all trade standards, to meet any and all corn needs.

Early in the year 2014, we chose to expand our agricultural operations to include the use of Zeolite, a highly effective organic fertilizer known for its crop-boosting power. Additionally, we chose to broaden our scope internationally, in response to the growing global demand for Mexican crops, including chiles, chile chipotle, and corn husks for tamales, all of which are now widely consumed outside of Mexico.

However, our presence at home remains strong. Over the course of our operation thus far, we have established a solid working relationship with a number of reliable, hard-working Mexican producers with a variety of strengths in numerous aspects of agriculture. It is the versatility afforded by these relationships that allows us to respond so quickly and completely to the individual needs of our clients.

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Tel.  +52 614 298 42 46

Grupo Altababicora Chihuahua Mexico
Comercializadora y Productora de la Altababicora

Being situated in Northern Mexico, we enjoy a geographically and logistically ideal location for distribution into both the United States and all areas of our Mexican homeland. Enjoying the benefits of this kind of strategic planning, as well as our above described efforts and advantages, we are privileged to have become an extremely competitive company.

producers of mexican blue corn
producers corn food grade
Maiz orgánico Rojo criollo para consumo humano cosecha mexicana
Maíz amarillo Mexicano híbrido para consumo animal
Maíz blanco híbrido para consumo humano
Maíz azul criollo orgánico para consumo humano cosechado en México
Grupo Altababicora

Colonia Año de Hidalgo

Madera, Chihuahua


CP: 31950

Tel.  +52 614 478 90 01


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