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Suppliers of  Mexican Corn & Organic Fertilizers

Varieties of corn we supply



suppliers of mexican red corn, mexican Non-GMO organic corn


Typically, we sow only small quantities of red corn each year, but we have the capacity to sow larger quantities if this is required by our client.

Red corn is utilized in a number of traditional Mexican drinks such as Atole, owing to its unique color and flavor.


We produce only organic red corn using natural fertilizers and soil amendments such as Zeolite, and when sowing, we plant seeds harvested during the previous year.


blue corn chihuahua mexico


With markedly higher demand from local, national, and international clients, we grow a significantly greater annual crop of blue corn as compared to red and white. We are blessed with the ideal altitude for blue corn, which grows mainly at heights similar to those found in the Western Sierra Madre, where we are located.


We use only 100% Mexican Creole seeds from our previous harvest, meaning that our seed is never genetically modified. In December 2015 we have received the USDA NOP certification for 593 acres.


The greater perceived healthfulness of organic corn (and Organic food in general) is a major contributing factor in the greater demand for blue corn.


suppliers of mexican food grade white corn, distributers of food grade corn mexico


White corn is extremely popular in Mexico, as it is used in the production of food staples such as tortillas and tortilla chips. It is widely consumed in other countries too, so we can export it as well as distribute it domestically.


As we do with all our crops, we adhere to only the highest quality standards in the production of white corn.


Thanks to our extensive network of reliable producers across Mexico, we are able to fill orders for this plant year-round.

suppliers of mexican yellow corn for animal feed


As yellow corn is rich in protein and fats, making it an ideal animal feed, we mostly distribute it for that purpose. With clients everywhere needing feed for livestock, we distribute this crop within Mexico.
We can supply yellow corn throughout the year, thanks to our network of producers. We are committed to the highest quality standards and we promote the use of natural soil amendments to improve the quality of the production.

Contact us via our contact form or send us an email to and we will get back to you shortly.

Grupo Altababicora

Colonia Año de Hidalgo

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