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The Little-known Amazing Health Benefits of Blue Corn
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Blue corn, also referred to as Hopi maize, is a special type of maize that is predominantly grown and harvested in Mexico, and very parts of Southwestern United States like New Mexico and  Arizona.


There are different types of blue corn with respect to color: from powdery gray color to near-black. The 3 known varieties of the blue corn are thus:  standard blue, hard blue, and gray-blue.


Just as there are various colors of this exotic corn, there exists also several interesting benefits. This special corn has several amazing benefits built into its chemistry and structure.

Blue corn contains a lot of nutrients. It has been proven to possess more nutritional content than both white and yellow corn. Blue corn assumes it exotic color from anti-oxidant substances like anthocyanin and zeaxanthin that are present in its chemistry. These nutrients are similar to the ones present in other blue-colored foods as blackberries, blueberries, raisins and grapes.


Antioxidants have been scientifically proven to provide a lot of health benefits, some of which includes the prevention of illnesses like cancer and alzheimer’s disease, and blue corn acts very suitably in this capacity. Due to the rich supply of antioxidants in blue corn, they are also known to prohibit or prevent the occurrence of a wide range of age-related diseases like diabetes.


From a scientific study where Scientists studied lab rats placed on a high-fat diet, the samples that had their diet supplemented with the bluish-purple pigments present in blue corn showed less signs of quickly developing obesity and diabetes, unlike those that had pure high-fat. This proves that blue corn helps in the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

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The fact that blue corn does not actively contribute fat to the body is one reason why they are not normally used as animal feed, but rather consumed in large quantities by humans over other variety of corn.


The antioxidants present in blue corn also plays an active role in reducing  the signs of aging by minimizing and slowing down the emergence of wrinkles on the skin. It also preserves the texture of the skin. These antioxidants also protects the skin from sunburn.


Research has also shown that blue corn contains more protein than the regular yellow or white type. These proteins, apart from serving the all important role of building and rebuilding structures in the body, helps with the efficient flow of blood round the body system as well. It also helps in the fight against common infections.

Blue corn is also gluten-free, making it very tolerant to a larger population size.


Blue corn can be consumed in a number of ways. They can be eaten as chips, or grounded into flour and used in a number of creative ways.


The flour can be used in baking some cakes and bread. It is also used in making hominy, tortillas and tortilla chips.


The application of blue corn goes further. It can also be processed into different types of beverages. Common beverages with contents of blue corn are whiskey, oats in milk and ordinary hot tea.


We plant and supply blue corn in large quantities within Mexico and also to the US.


We sow a sizable quantity of this highly enriching food every other year, and we supply it in grain - no precessing.


Are you interested in importing blue corn from Mexico? We are your best in the market. Please contact us for a free quote today.


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