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Suppliers of  Mexican Corn & Organic Fertilizers

Natural Zeolite


Natural Zeolite excellent organic fertilizer
Natural Zeolite from mexican deposits
Zeolite - Organic Fertilizer packed on 50 kg bags


Mineral Organic Fertilizer

Basic composition:

Zeolite is an organic mineral fertilizer that has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Releasing nutrients slowly over time to help with the regulation of available nutrients

  • Balances soil pH

  • Reduces alkalinity in the soil

  • Improves the ability for air to circulate throughout the soil

  • Improves root development of crops

  • Promotes microbiological activity in the soil

  • Promotes grass, grain and germination growth

  • Improves the ability of the soil to keep moisture

  • Helps absorb toxins and eliminate them

  • 100% organic and 100% natural


Zeolite is often called an “intelligent” fertilizer because of its ability to monitor and regulate the release and absorption of nutrients in the soil. This is important when it comes to plant growth and is what enables plants to grow stronger and to perform better.


Our Zeolite is distributed in Mexico and then exported to the US. This means that we mine it directly from Mexican mineral deposits, which guarantees that are Zeolite contains the best organic material and is 100% natural.  To purchase, we offer convenient sizes for both personal use and business use. Our Zeolite comes in a fine crushed in many sizes perfect for sprinkling on soil and can be added to a variety of different plants and different soils.


Please contact us for more information. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about our natural Zeolite, organic mineral fertilizer.


  • Silicon dioxide                (SiO2)               64.20%

  • Aluminum oxide              (Al2O3)            12.80%

  • Iron oxide                      (Fe2O3)              2.30%

  • Calcium oxide                  (CaO)                4.80%

  • Magnesium oxide             (MgO)               0.54%

  • Sodium oxide                    (Na2O)            1.60%

  • Potassium oxide               (K2O)               1.96%

  • Phosphorus oxide             (P2O3)             1.10%


  • Powder

  • Granulation from 2 to 6mm


  • 50 Kg bags

  • 1000 Kg super sacks

Zeolites the best organic fertilizer
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