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Do You Know These Amazing Uses and Benefits of Zeolites as an Organic Fertilizer?
Grupo Altababicora distributers of zeolites as an organic fertilizer


Zeolite is an organic mineral that perfectly doubles as a superb fertilizer due to its unique chemical structure and underlying properties. This wonderful extract, in its natural form,  has infact been put to use since the 1960s for fertilizing agricultural crops by the early adopters.


Starting from its porosity, zeolite facilitates proper and easy water  and nutrient penetration and retention in the soil due to the capillary suction it exercises. Being that rich supply of water is a prerequisite for proper photosynthesis which results in healthy growth of crops, it enables the plants on your farm blossom.

Grupo Altababicora distributers corn and  zeolites as an organic fertilizer

Zeolite also acts as a natural wetting agent. This property ensures that dry, non-wetting soils are well dampened and humidified. It also assists in proper distribution of water through any given soil structure. This natural mineral also ensures that the soil remains wet and moist through periods of low rainfall or suspended irrigation, as it usually traps about 55% weight of water in the soil and release it to the plants on demand.

Another powerful property of Zeolite is that it naturally carries a negative charge which usually gets balanced by freely moving positively charged cations. This enables the mineral trap positive cations like potassium and nitrogen-rich ammonium, which are then released when required by plants. It also has a very open chemical structure which allows it absorb, as well as efficiently exchange valuable soil nutrients, forming new compounds in the process, which are capable of improving the overall structure of the soil.

Zeolite can also be used to prolong the presence, effect and performance of regular fertilizers when they are applied to the soil. With the price of ammonium fertilizers getting more and more expensive by the day, this sustaining effect of zeolite sure goes a long way to cut down costs for you.


Also, with Zeolite being marginally alkaline and - rather than acidic - its mixture with other fertilizers helps in buffering the PH levels of the soil. This reduces, or out-rightly, eliminates the need for applying lime to achieve this purpose. Yet another avenue to cut down costs.

Zeolite is also very applicable in the livestock sector of agriculture. Due to affinitive property of zeolite which enables it absorb positively charged compounds like ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds, it is usually used in treating the water in fish ponds. It can also be used industrially for regular water purification


With the above listed amazing properties of zeolites, and several other too many to be mentioned here, it goes without saying that your agricultural inventory is far from being complete without this all important mineral.


Interested in getting supplies of natural zeolite?


We have developed a strong distribution network within Mexico and have started exporting quality zeolite on the international front. We ship in both powdery and milled form.


For more information on how we can be of help to your business, please contact us for a free quote today!


Natural Zeolites now soluble

Basic Composition:

  • Silicon dioxide                 (SiO2)             64.20%

  • Aluminium oxide             (Al2O3)           12.80%

  • Iron oxide                      (Fe2O3)             2.30%

  • Calcium oxide                 (CaO)                4.80%

  • Magnesium oxide            (MgO)               0.54%

  • Sodium oxide                 (Na2O)               1.60%

  • Potassium oxide              (K2O)                1.96%

  • Phosphorus oxide            (P2O3)              1.10%


  • Powder

  • Granulated from 2 to 6mm

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